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This conference will focus on how instructors from a variety of disciplines have used games and simulations to pursue new models of teaching and learning. Presenters will describe how specific immersive and interactive technologiesófrom commercial games to more academic simulationsócan engender collaboration, the visualization of complex ideas, and the connecting of concepts across courses and disciplines. Participants also will experience the games and simulations from the perspective of the learner through hands-on training in the technologies demonstrated by the presenters. The conference will conclude with participants forming groups based on shared ideas for future pedagogical uses of the technology, including gaming across campuses as part of clubs or collaborative classes.

Participants can expect to acquire a practical knowledge of specific games and simulations as well a broad familiarity with the pedagogical theory behind these examples. Participants will also be introduced to what their peers in their own and other disciplines are doing in this new area of instructional technology. Program

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