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The following provides a list of resources to assist with research for Religion 260/Judaic Studies 216 Saints and Demons: Muslim and Jewish Popular Religion in the Middle East. Some resources are restricted to people currently affiliated with Dickinson. Because your research can cross over many academic disciplines (such as Religion, Anthropology, or History) students are strongly encouraged to consult with a librarian for help with specific topics.

For assistance contact: Mara Degnan Rojeski, Liaison Librarian, 245-1849. View my liaison profile page.


Reference Books


Encyclopaedia Judaica

Dictionary of Jewish Lore and Legend

Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion BM50 .O94 1997

Encyclopedia of Judaism BM50 .E63 1999


Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an

New Encyclopedia of Islam BP40 .G42 2008

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World BP40 .E525

Religion and Folklore

Encyclopedia of Religion BL31 .E46 2005

Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart (BPP Religion Past and Present) BL31 .R4213 2007

Dictionary of Folklore GR35 .P53 1999

Types of the Folktale in the Arab World GR268 .A73 E42 2004

Finding Books

You can search for books in the Library's catalog. For books the college does not own, you can search in the Palci catalog or Worldcat.

Subjects and Keywords for Searches Possession and Exorcism: "Spirits (Islam)", Jinn, Exorcism, Islam, Judaism, Rituals, "Spirit possession", Possession, Zar

Saints: saints, "Muslim saints,” Zaddikim

Pilgrimages: "pilgrims and pilgrimages", "Jewish pilgrims and pilgrimages", "Muslim pilgrims and pilgrimages"

Shrines: Shrines--Morocco

Religious Life and Customs

Medicine, popular

Folklore: folklore, Arab, Jewish


A journal that you may find useful is the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture. If you enter the the title "Journal of Religion and Popular Culture" into our Journal Locator, it will display Dickinson's online and print availability for the journal. You can repeat the process for other journal titles, such as The Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Please also see the following open source journals:

Jewish History

Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies

International journal of Middle East studies



ATLA Religion (American Theological Library Association) Covers articles, essays in books, and book reviews in the field of religion. Covers all religious traditions, with the strongest coverage in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Coverage Range: 1949 to present, some full-text.

Judaic Studies

RAMBI: Index of Articles on Jewish Studies A bibliography of articles in the various fields of Jewish studies and in the study of Eretz Israel. Material is compiled from thousands of periodicals and from collections of articles - in Hebrew, Yiddish, and European languages - mainly from the holdings of the Jewish National and University Library. To search, click "Rambi Web". Coverage Range: Approximately 1966 - present, citations only.

Islamic Studies

Oxford Islamic Studies Online Brings together the best current scholarship in the field and promotes accurate and informed understanding of Islam and the Islamic world. This resource features reference content and commentary by renowned scholars in areas such as global Islamic history, concepts, people, practices, politics, and culture. Mostly full-text.

Index Islamicus Indexes literature on Islam, the Middle East and the Muslim world, including Muslim areas of Asia and Africa, plus Muslim minorities elsewhere. Coverage Range: 1906 to present, citations only.

Middle East Studies

Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies An index of research, policy and scholarly discourse on the countries and peoples of the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. Subject coverage includes: political affairs & law, international relations, economic affairs - business & industry, cultural heritage, arts & humanities, society & social welfare, ethnic diversity & anthropology, significant religious events & movements and recent history (1900 - present) & archaeology. Coverage Range: 1900-present, citations only.


Anthroplogy Plus This is the online version of "Anthropological Literature" from Harvard University and "Anthropological Index" from the UK's Royal Anthropological Institute. It covers international journals from the early 19th century to the present. In addition to journal articles, it includes citations for reports, commentaries, edited works and obituaries in the fields of social, cultural, physical, biological and linguistic anthropology, ethnology, archaeology, folklore, material culture and interdisciplinary studies.

AnthroSource This is a full-text database of the journals published by the American Anthropological Association.


Historical Abstracts This database covers all aspects of world history, except the United States and Canada, from 1450 to the present, with articles in the database published between 1964 to present.


Social Science Citation Index Expanded A multidisciplinary index to the journal literature and conference proceedings of the social sciences. Also has the capacity to conduct a cited reference search and create a citations map. Covers publications 1965 to present . Gives access to citations only, not full text.

JSTOR An interdisciplinary archive of over 600 journals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Project Muse A multi-disciplinary database of full text articles from scholarly journals in both humanities and social sciences. Most journals covered are up to date. Can be used as complementary to JStor as the latter covers mostly archival issues.

Primary Sources

Valuable Books with Primary Data Now Online:

Edward Westermarck's Ritual and Belief in Morocco, originally published in 1926:

Edward Lane's, An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians, originally published in 1836

Issachar Ben-Ami's Saint Veneration among the Jews in Morocco, 1998


Mapping Mizrahi Heritage

Citing Your Sources

Note: print copies of citation style manuals are on reserve at the library, and may be checked out for use within the library.

RefWorks citation management software can format your bibliography in the ASA Style. Current Dicksinson College students, faculty, and staff can setup an individual RefWorks account. Please Contact a librarian for assistance.