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G l o s s e n: Lyrik

Wolfgang Ertl

Wolfgang Ertl's lifelong dedication to literature has always been accompanied by a strong interest in music and art. Ever since he started painting in the 1960s, he has tried his hand at abstraction as well as representation, sometimes arriving at abstract pictures that are readable as landscapes. While the demands of his professional career have allowed only sporadic indulgence in painting, he continues to enjoy exploring new possibilities of artistic expression. His preferred media have been oil and pastel, and most recently he has begun experimenting with acrylics. In this issue, we are presenting three examples from his earlier work in the late sixties.

Painting no. 1: Untitled, oil, 36 x 48 cm.
Painting no. 2: Untitled, oil, 46 x 35 cm
  Painting no. 3: Untitled, oil, 36 x 48 cm  

(Copyright: Wolfgang Ertl)