Glossen 27


— Michael Augustin is a writer and radio journalist. He lives in Bremen

— Heinz Blumensath is a Berlin filmmaker

— Anke Biendarra is Assistant Professor of German at the University of California, Irvine

— David Colclasure is Head of the German Studies Program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies

— Christine Cosentino is Professor of German at Rutgers University in Camden

— Gabriele Eckart is a writer and Associate Professor of German and Spanish at the Missouri State University

— Wolfgang Ertl is Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa

— Jan Faktor is a Berlin writer

— Siegmar Faust is a German author

— Lilian Faschinger is an Austrian writer

— Hans-Hendrik Grimmling is a Painter and author

— Fee-Alexandra Haase is Associate Professor of German at the Cyprus International UniversityNicosia

— Christine Ivanovic is Visiting Associate Professor of German an der Toyko University

— Freya Klier is a German writer and filmmaker

— Stefan Krawczyk is a Berlin writer

— Doris Liebermann is a journalist. She works for German tv and radio stations, and also writers for German newspapers

— Wolfgang Müller teaches German literature and language at Dickinson College

— Utz Rachowski Utz Rachowski is a writer who lives in Berlin and in the Vogtland

—Hans Joachim Schädlich is a German writer who lives in Berlin

—Gerd Sonntag is a German painter and poet

— Richard Wagner is a Berlin author

— Walter Weber is a radio journalist at Radio Bremen