The Role of Chemistry in History

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Health Risk

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While Crack creates a europhoric experience it leaves many potentially dangerous side effects in the body. Crack users have extremely high risk of heart attacks, respitory problems, stroke, and detrimental mental disorders.

As crack fulfills its purpose and moves through the blood stream the user initially feels the effect of the high and is energized, senses are hightened, and they are more aware of feeling sight and sound. The user’s blood pressure begins to rise and the heart rate increases. The user becomes restless and worrisome and anxious leading to dangerous paranoia.

Alongside the effects of the brain experienced through Crack use, HIV/ Aids and other STDs’ have been extremely prevalent amongst Crack users. The emergence of the “crack house” — “ a small apartment adapted for crack use. The kitchen is used for cooking crack, at least one bedroom is used for sex, and the living space is used for selling and smoking.”(Incardi, Ph.D, 1995) Around the sametime as the crack epidimic from 1986 to 1987, syphilis increased by 25%.(Shultz, 1990) Acummulatin gevidence link these STD’s increases to the crack epidemic, in that rates were significantly higher among those that used crcak compare to those that did not. (Fullilove et al., 1990)

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