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Paclitaxel: Effective or Too Costly?

April 15th, 2008 · No Comments ·

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Paclitaxel has always been the center of attention between scientists and researchers looking for a viable solution/drug for certain types of cancers, however, the drug has also been the center of attention for evironmentalists (and rightly so) for its ecological affects on the pacific yew tree populatioon of the Pacific Northwest. During phase II trials, an abudence of bark samples were needed to work on the synthesis of the cancer treating drug: an alarm bell for environmentalists to commence fighting against scientists and researchers, appealing to the government to limit the use of tree bark in paclitaxel’s synthesis.

Currently, pacltaxel is devloped through an improved method of plant cell fermentation which limits the amount of energy used and retain the effectiveness of the drug produced. This is a result of environmentalists demanding a resolution from the government in 1993, making the production of paclitaxel more ecologically-friendly in its nature.

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