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“I Can Quit Whenever I Want To…”: Nicotine Addiction


 Addictive Nature

  • Nicotine is highly addictive and is actually comparable to other hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin in its addictiveness.   

  •   Due to nicotine’s ability to promote the release of dopamine, smokers become dependent on nicotine to help release dopamine, and must have increasingly more to produce the same effect.

  • Nicotine takes effect in the limbic system of the brain which contains the brain’s natural “reward system” which alerts a person that something is good and that they should continue doing it



  • Many smokers experience an increase in their stress level between each cigarette, which is relieved when they next smoke.

  • Symptoms experienced by abstaining from smoking: increased anxiety, irritability, poor concentration, restlessness, and trouble sleeping


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