The Role of Chemistry in History

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Structure and Properties

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The chemical formula for Novocaine is C13H20N2O2

  • Novocaine has a benzene ring that completes the aminobenzoic acid of the molecular structure
  • Water soluble, Novocaine is a white crystalline powder
  • Odorless
  • Administered through injection, most commonly in the spine or mouth.
  • Can be used in pure form, but usually prescribed as procaine hydrochloride, HCl added to the molecular mix.
  • Applied topically to specific site (usually mouth/gums or spine)
  • Quickly starts to work in 2-5 minutes, creating a numbed sensation in specific area
  • Wears off within 2-3
  • When injected the molecule blocks the nerves, numbing them from the pain of the procedure
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