The Role of Chemistry in History

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The Future

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Future Problems:

Gas Price 

Scarcity of gasoline is a major world problem, and the price of it continues to increase.  The price of gasoline affects many aspects of people’s decisions in their daily lives, including consumer spending.  If the price of gasoline continues to increase at the pace it currently is, people’s priorities and spending will start to become significantly altered.  People will also respond by switching to smaller cars, because SUV’s tend to use up more gas.

Alternative Resources and Vehicles

The economy is going to need alternative resources in place of gasoline because of the limited amount. Alternative ways of transportation are going to be needed because of the increasing problems of global warming and pollution.  Hybrid cars are already a way that has limited the amount of gasoline a vehicle intakes.  Electric and solar powered cars are also alternative vehicles that are used but are not as common as hybrids.


Laws, Acts and Protocols

Many acts and laws have been formed trying to limit the amount of toxic gases emitted from automobiles, and more is yet to come.  The 1970 Clean Air Act and Kyoto Protocol are actions that have been taken to clean the air.  The 1970 Clean Air Act requires the Environmental Protection Agency to develop and enforce regulations to protect the general public from exposure to contaminants in the air, which are dangerous to human health.  It set new limits on emissions from mobile vehicles, and increased funds for air pollution research.  The Kyoto Protocol reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide and many greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment.  It is supposed to reduce the emissions by 5% in 2010 compared to the levels in 1990.  There are many laws that have been created to try and limit the amount of hazardous gases to human health, but they have already caused problems, and will still continue to cause problems in the world.

Acid Rain

There are many environmental problems that have been created due to the hazardous gases emitted from automobiles.  Acid rain is known as when acid falls back to the earth from the air.  It is also known as acid deposition which covers wet and dry acid deposits from the air.  There are wet and dry versions of the acid.  The wet versions are in forms of fog and snow, and the dry  versions are in forms of dusts and gases.  The toxic gases, like sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide, are emitted from automobiles, power plants, and industrial plants react with moisture in the air, and then forms acidic compounds.  These compounds are hazardous to the enviornment, and cause many health problems for humans.


 Drifting Pollution

Another environmental problem that continues to impact the future of the world is drifting pollution.  Prevailing winds can carry acidic compounds in the air across the national and state borders, spreading pollution to other areas.  The towns that create the pollution are not actually getting the worse effects of it because of how it drifts.  There are many small areas with bad pollution ratings because of its location near urban high pollution rated cities.

World War III

The scarcity of gasoline will not only affect people’s decisions to purchase smaller cars, but will affect the future of the world.  The world’s major powers, including the United States, Europe, and China are beginning to become extremely affected by the higher oil prices, and their governments will be willing to fight a resource war to get control over the world’s last remaining oil resources.


Isooctane has shaped history, but also continues to impact the future.  The world will soon be completely different as a result from the problems that have occurred. 

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