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Nitric Oxide and the Future

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NO has been found to cause schizophrenia if an imbalance occurs. Rats in Sweden with characteristics of schizophrenia have regained normal brain functions if they receive drugs to reduce production of Nitric Oxide. This will be able to spark a completely new treatment for schizophrenics. The drug to give these rats the schizophrenic brain functions is called phencyclidine and the NO dropping treatment caused rats to become resistant to phencyclidine’s effects.

“In the future it is possible that drugs that affect the regulation of nitric oxide in the brain can be used to supplement currently existing anti-psychotic agents. The hope is that nitric oxide inhibiting drugs will alleviate the cognitive disturbances that also lie behind the impairments of social function, significantly improving the chances of a good life for schizophrenic patients,” says Caroline Wass.

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