The Role of Chemistry in History

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LSD’s Affect on History

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            LSD brought about a significant amount of psychological research in the 1950s and 1960s.  One particular area of Scientific research included the fundamental hypothesized that experimenting with LSD could have been able to help us understand permanent psychosis, as using LSD often produces feelings of psychosis.

            It is also undeniable that LSD created and heavily influenced the environment of the 1960s in America.  It was the drug of the youth and the rebellious.  Many famous icons including the Beatles and Timothy Leary took LSD for creative and religious inspiration.     

LSD’s association with Student Riot groups and other youth groups fighting to end the Vietnam War ultimately led to a nation wide “war on drugs.”  Drug policy was created and enforced, with LSD at the top of the list of Schedule 1 drugs.



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