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Perfume Ingredients

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History of Perfumes/ Perfume Ingredients/ The Family of Esters/ Formula of Benzyl Acetate/ Properties of Benzyl Acetate/ Uses of Benzyl Acetate/ Benzyl Acetate in Perfumes

Molecules of the fragrance attack the olfactory system, located in the area above the human nose. They attach t receptors, which transmit the signal to the brain via neurons.

Perfumes consist of three layers, or “notes”:

  1. Top: most volatile, initial smell
  2. Heart: main aroma of the perfume, some volatility, stays for several hours
  3. Base: least volatile, stays for most of the day

Basic ingredients:blueperfumebottle.JPG

  • 80%-90%: ethyl alcohol
  • essential oils from plants
  • fruit flavors

Nowadays perfumes consist of 500-600 chemical substances.

Only 5% of today’s perfumes are derived from natural compounds.

Methods for production: expression, distillation, solvent extraction


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