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Definition and Structure

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  Introductionto Estradiol, Definition and Structure, Estradiol’s Effect on History: Medicinal Purposes, Estradiol’s Effect on History: Therapeutic Purposes, History’s Effect on Estradiol


  • Estradiol is a sex hormone present in both females and males.
  • Estradiol is one of the three naturally occuring estrogens in females, along with estriol and estrone
  • It is present in women from puberty until menopause
  • It is essential for the reproductive system, as well as for sexual reasons
  • Affects many of the body’s major systems
  • Synthetic estradiol is used in the pill, for hormone replacement therapy in transsexuals, and for postmenopausal women
  • Estradiol is derived from cholesterol which is converted into androstenedione. Androstendione is then converted to testosterone which in turn is converted to estradiol


  • C18H24O2
  • Molecular mass is 272.39
  • White, crystalline solid
  • Structure:


  • Conversion from Testosterone to Estradiol:


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