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Effects of THC

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Effects of THC Chemistry of THC


  • Marijuana’s effect on the user depends on the strength or potency of the THC it contains. THC potency has increased since the 1970s but has been about the same since the mid-1980s. The strength of the drug is measured by the average amount of THC in test samples.
  • Most ordinary marijuana contains an average of 3% of THC
  • The more THC in the Marijuana the greater the effect of the brain will be
  • Within a few minutes of inhaling marijuana smoke, the user will likely feel, along with intoxication, a dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, some loss of coordination and poor sense of balance, and slower reaction time. Blood vessels in the eye expand, so the user’s eyes look red
  • The feeling of being “high” lasts for 2 to 3 hours and then makes the smoker tired and sometimes extremely hungry. This is known in slang terms as the “munchies”

How it works in the Body:

  • Marijuana can be inhaled or ingested into the body by either smoking or eating, some common ways to eat it is to make “magic” brownies or mix it with peanut butter and make a sandwich
  • The THC from the Marijuana goes to the brain and stays in the Synapse Clef until a special receiver, known as the Cannabinoid recpetor, receives the THC and creates the feeling of being high
  • Dopamine, the chemical in the brain that sends a message of feeling good to the body, is released.
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  • Dopamine production is not increased nor decreased when using THC. This quality in itself make is one of the major reasons that Marijuana is not an addictive

Staying in the Body

  • THC is abosorbed by fatty tissue, for less frequent users THC can be traced in the body by a simple urine test for several days
  • For those chronic or heavy smokers, THC can be traced in the body for up to several weeks
  • People have now designed special drinks and concoctions to try and beat a drug test.


  • These drinks can cost anywhere from $24 to $124 and they all are said to work for a simple urine test, but is not guaranteed for a blood test.
  • Most kits are designed to be taken over a three week time period for best results
  • These Kits include ingredients such as:
    • Herbs such as milk thistle, barberry, dandelion or schizandra – traditionally used to ‘detoxify’ the liver and aid normal liver function
    • Digestive aids such as ginger, globe artichoke and peppermint for treating indigestion
    • Laxatives like fennel, psyllium and senna
    • Diuretics like birch, dandelion, golden rod and spiny restharrow – these are supposed to increase bowel movements and urine elimination.
  • Scientist say that taking these drinks and pills is harmful to the body
  • Many believe that these so called “detox-kits” promote body abuse because you are able to find a quick fix in a bottle.

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