The Role of Chemistry in History

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THC in the News

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Effects of THC


Above is a map of the United States, the highlighted states are states that have made new laws for Marijuana

  • ██ State with legal medical cannabis.

    ██ State with decriminalized cannabis possession laws.

    ██ State with both medical and decriminalization laws.

  • The gray states are states that completely outlaw any use of Marijuana

Below is a world map that displays countries individual laws pertaining to the use of Marijuana:


  • Dark Blue: Legal/Essentially Legal
  • Light Blue: Decriminalization
  • Orange: Illegal, but mostly unenforced
  • Red: Confirmed Illegal
  • Pink: Probably varies by region
  • Gray: No information

This map above show that the use of THC in Marijuana, is not just an American debate, but a world wide one. The rules vary for each country, depending on their tolerance of the drug.
THC on 60 minutes and the stores in California

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