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Chemistry of THC

April 28th, 2008 · 8 Comments ·

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Structure of THC:

  • Boiling Point 200 degrees C
  • Chemical formula: C 21 H 30 O2
  • The structure of THC is classified by where the double bonds occur. The molecule is classified by delta and then a number
  • The molecule as two chiral carbons allowing for four stereo-isomers to form
  • The double bonds in the molecule lock the atoms in place creating cis and trans isomers
  • The place in which the double bond is causes one molecule of THC to be more potent then other.
  • The top ring contributes to the cannabinoid activity in the receptors
  • But the most important part of the molecule is the side chain, potency can be increased by adding more carbons on to it. It can be increased by 7 carbon chains
  • The orientation of the side chain on the lower part of the chain plays an important role on how the receptor receives the molecule
  • The configuration of the hydroxy group is critical to determining the potency
  • When the receptors receive the molecule, the exact line up of the bonds and side chains determine how “high” one will get when smoking or ingesting the molecule

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