The Role of Chemistry in History

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Chemistry of Psilocybin


·         “Magic Mushrooms” have been part of human culture since the earliest recorded history. 


·         They have been utilized for many different purposes, ranging anywhere form spiritual enlightenment to recreational uses. 


·         “Alice” encountered it in her “Wonderland” as early as 1865.  It had not been until more recent years that much has been know about the drug and its chemical properties. 


·         With the realization of this drug and its use becoming better studied it has been established that active component in magic mushrooms is a molecule called psilocybin. 


·         Psilocybin (along with another molecule, psilocin) are the compounds responsible for causing the hallucinations associated with the drug. 


·         Psilocybin is present in hundreds of species of fungi, most commonly in the Psilocybe genus.  


·         Magic mushrooms containing psilocybin have made clear and distinct impacts on society and have also been greatly affected by society and its view on the drug.  


·         Either way psilocybin has been a very important molecule in history.



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