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Effects of Psilocybin

May 1st, 2008 · 7 Comments ·

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Chemistry of Psilocybin


From a clinical standpoint there are few signs that come along with the effects of psilocybin of the body other than irregular and unusual behavior. 

·         Most physical effects appear to be due to the stimulation of the nervous system while the motor skills decrease in efficiency. 

·         Increased heart rate appears in less than half of those examined while under the effects of psilocybin. 

·         Dilated pupils are present in over ninety percent of those examined.  Along with this comes enhancement of the deep tendon reflexes found in more than half of those observed. 


The hallucinations are very variable depending on the user’s mindset and the dose of the drug ingested  The following is an outline of factors that influence the effects of psilocyibin:

·         The circumstances under which the mushrooms are used, (e.g. At home, in a group, alone, or as part of a ritual or ceremony)

·         The physiological makeup of the individual, including his or her cultural heritage

·         Previous experiences with mushrooms and the current expectations

·         Dose

·         Method of preparation of the fungi (Benjamin, 1995, p. 330)

There are many variables that come into play during a “trip” that determine the overall experience.


Timeline for Psilocybin and its Effects

·         0-30 minutes: Anxiety and tension develop; there may be light-headedness, mild abdominal pain, nausea, weakness, shivering, and muscle aches.  The lips may feel numb.

·         30-60 minutes:  Onset of visual effects and distortion, development of euphoria and an introspective state; increases in auditory acuity, sweating, tearing, and facial flushing; inability to concentrate; depersonalization; incoordination; tremulous speech; feeling of unreality.

·         1-2 hours:  Visual effects intensify, greater distortion of perception; alteration of time sense; continued euphoria, rumination and introspection.

·         2-4 hours: gradual reduction of symptoms, with complete resolution in the majority of individuals.  The subject is generally completely normal after 4-8 hours. A few people will have headaches or fatigue, and some experience a more subtle sense of well-being for a number of days. 

The duration of the effects of an average dose of psilocybin mushrooms used for “recreational” purposes usually ranges from four to five hours.  Headache and hangover are quite uncommon.  A feeling of peace and serenity for a number of days after also is not uncommon.  In a few subject the flashback has been described, and can continue sporadically in very short spurts, for a number of months.  Deaths and dependency directly related to psilocybin rarely occur


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