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Chemistry of Polyurethane

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 or more generally…


-Polyurethanes are in the class of compounds called reaction polymers, which includes epoxies, polyesters, and phenolics.

– A Urethane Linkage is created  by reacting an isocyanate group, -N=C=O, with a hydroxal (alcohol) group, -OH.

-Polyurethanes are produced by the polyaddition reaction of a polyisocyanate with a polyalcohol (polyol) in the presence of a catalyst and other additives.

– In the Polyurethane industry the isocyanate group is referred to as the A-Side, while the blend of polyols and other additives are referred to as the B-Side.

-The chemicals in the B-Side give each specific polyurethane its characteristics; the additions of cross extenders, chain linkers, surfactants, blowing agents, flame retardents, fillers and pigments affect the polyurethane compound created. 





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