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History Affects CaCO3: Future of Concrete

April 28th, 2008 · 1 Comment ·

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Future of Concrete 

  • What kind of environmental damages are the result of limestone and calcium carbonate quarrying?
  •  Is it possible that the world can run out of concrete, with the copious amount of rock and aggregate?

The answer: Yes!


Many companies today are engaging in concrete recycling programs, which can keep the industry going strong without the detrimental factors involved with collecting rocks and chemicals needed for cement production, and the limited amount of some earthly materials, such as essential aggregages.


Another major aspect to the future of concrete is High Performance Concretes where special mixtures are invented using new technology that enhance the quality and versatility of the amazing substance. Everyday, scientists find new chemicals that supplant concrete’s strength, drying time, and stamina.

 With Programs like these, The Future looks long and bright for CaCO3.


Pure Calcium Carbonate: The stuff that started it all!


Matthew Schmiemann

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